Welcome! and thank you for visiting. I am Jane Wood McFeely from Grosse Pointe, Michigan; passionate painter and happy artist. Years ago I was a teacher exploring art through the eyes of creative and enthusiastic elementary school children. Eventually I realized that time for my own painting was limited and decided to retire from the classroom, venturing off into the world of full-time artist. I will always miss the kids but painting everyday is a joy. Thank you dear friends, patrons and family who have allowed me to do what I love!  I am amazed and grateful for the many requests for my work. 

       For more than 25 years, I have had the honor and pleasure of being a featured artist in charity and benefit auctions around the country. My paintings for non-profit organizations are created specifically to capture the hearts of those bidding for their cause. 

       What do I like to paint? I love color, light and texture. I am inspired by water and gardens, paths with Autumn leaves, snowy sledding hills, beautiful homes and bright beaches. My intent is to ignite emotional, joyful responses with my work. I hope to lead the viewer into not just the composition but into the process and beauty of the medium. Using generous amounts of oil paint, applied with palette and painting knives, my paintings display vibrant colors and "iced-cake" like texture.  

      Working with clients creating special commissions, celebrating favorite places, memorable events and many other unique ideas is a great pleasure. Because I love to paint, even when not working on commissions, the studio is usually filled with a colorful inventory just waiting for that perfect home. 

       Please visit this website from time to time to see my latest paintings, as I periodically change and update the work displayed. Just click on the portfolios following the word WELCOME and enjoy!  I invite you to contact me by e-mail or phone to discuss the availability of current paintings, plan a special commission or arrange a visit to my studio. 

        Merci ! 

        THANK YOU!
                       Jane Wood McFeely
                         313 530 8337